What To Do When Your Baby Makes A Mess In The Car Seat

What To Do When Your Baby Makes A Mess In The Car Seat

Everyone with a child has been there before, you’re out driving somewhere with your child when that distinct scent wafts over from their car seat and you realize you need to find a changing station ASAP. But the car seat doesn’t have a changing station, and you will be stuck driving home with it for the next half hour. 

This won’t be a problem for the rest of your life, but it might be for a year or two while they learn to control their bathroom needs, and by that time, you need to be ready when you’re on the go not just for the mess, but for the aftermath too. Funkless Fare Odor Eliminator is the answer for you.

A 4 oz spray bottle fits easily in your car’s glove box or in your baby bag and is safe on surfaces your child might touch or lick. Just spray directly on the source of the smell and experience smell relief by the time you’re back in your seat and getting on the road.

Want to learn more about our formula to make sure it's right for your child? Learn about us at About Us – Funkless Fare to make the best decision for your family.

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