Tricks And Treats For Staying On Top Of Your Car’s Cleanliness For Trunk Or Treats

Tricks And Treats For Staying On Top Of Your Car’s Cleanliness For Trunk Or Treats

Trunk or Treats have become a staple part of Halloween and are a blast for the family. But they certainly can put your car through a lot. Keeping loads of chocolates and treats in range of children is likely to lead to a few dropped pieces, and the kids themselves are running all over the seats in their costumes. Here are a few tips for keeping your car ready to go the night after Trunk or Treating.

Preventative Steps

For starters always establish when and where to be eating candy. If you’re able to convince a child to hold off until they make it to the Trunk or Treat or back from it, you’ll save your car a lot of hassle for years to come. If not, gather plastic bags to hang from the back of your seats, providing them with an easy to access trash bin will help limit forgotten candy wrappers.

Active Prevention Steps

For this, you’ll be wanting to acquire an outdoor or older towel, something that can be laid down in the trunk or back seat, and you’re okay with the kids sitting, standing, crawling, and eating on. Additionally, small hand towels for wiping down their hands, the kids themselves, and anything else they might get their messy hands on help you tackle problems as they come up.

Aftermath Steps

It’s the day after, and despite your best efforts, some things just cannot be prevented. A few pieces of candy have fallen between the cushions and under the seats and started to leave a scent you fear may never come out. Stop that funky smell immediately in its tracks with Funkless Fare Odor Eliminator. Remove the dropped candy from your car and spray directly into the crevices and cracks you pulled them from. Funkless Fare will stop the source of the odor, even if it had begun to settle into the cushions. Be ready for the next week confidently with a fresh smelling car thanks to Funkless Fare!

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