How To Deal With Heavy Cologne and Perfume Wearing Riders

How To Deal With Heavy Cologne and Perfume Wearing Riders

Ride share drivers take people everywhere, including out on date night with their beloved’s. Sometimes a member in that couple gets a little too heavy on their scent before they get in your car, and as a result, they leave that scent all over your seats!

Now you’ve got to keep working for the night, but your back seat smells like a teenager coming out of the locker room. In order to keep your fares happy for the night and know your car is clean, you need to address that smell before you pick anyone else up. 

In this scenario you need to be prepared with Funkless Fare Odor Eliminating Spray on hand. A four oz spray bottle fits conveniently inside a glove box and at arms reach whenever you need it. Take 45 seconds to pull over, target that perfume/cologne filled seat with Funkless Fare directly, and spray straight on it, covering all smelly areas. Funkless Fare won’t leave any residue and neutralizes that odor before you’ve even accepted your next pick up.

Never get caught up in a funky car when you’re working, keep Funkless Fare on hand every time. Keep in stock with your favorite scents by joining our VIP list and getting 15% off your next order!

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